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Ye Olde Weblog

Grant Walker
7 October 1981
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I'm a Christian, a father and a husband. I strive for balance in my life. Example: I love nature and camping, but I am a computer guy by profession and spend most of my time around machines.

Some interesting items:

- I dropped out of high school. I'm still not sure if I regret it. Probably not.

- I share a birthday with Thom Yorke of Radiohead. Not the same year, though.

- I have 5 children and I think that's great. (I try to pre-empt people's typicaly similar comments about "don't know you what causes that? har har har" with "I keep telling my wife we need to get a TV or something"

- Since starting to use PCs around 1996, my collection of files, documents, pictures, customer files, etc has amassed to over 220,000.

- Lack of sleep is my weakness.

- I don't trust animals.
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